Frequently Asked Questions ...

I saw something in your gallery that is not for sale in the store. Can I order one? Sorry, I am not taking orders, requests, or alterations at this time. All that I have available for sale will be here in the shop. Shop updates will be announced on Facebook and Instagram. Mostly what I make (except for certain tool styles) are small run, a fleeting passion, or one-of-a-kind. 

Where else can I buy your stuff? Talas in Brooklyn, NY, carries several styles of my tools for sale. Visit their brick-and-mortar store and check out their site. Most else I have for sale will come with me to any event listed. Vamp & Tramp Booksellers carries what artist books I have available at the moment.

Are you taking wholesale orders? At this time I am not taking additional wholesale orders.

Why do you make such a strange assortment of things? Curiosity prevails! Making books incorporates many tools, methods, and materials (metals, wood, vellum, thread, paper). Loving all this naturally invites further exploration into each. I am interested in learning, trying something new, pushing what I do know. It's making the first one of anything that thrills me most. I like the trial and error of figuring out the prototype. Often I make something for a friend, for personal use, or for our home (such as gold hoop earrings, a small wallet or wood spoon) and will make a few extra; you'll see those items showing up here, too.

Are you a hunter? Of animals? No. The bone I use comes from wild elk roaming the north central US and is left over from hunters taking their game to processing houses for harvesting. Having tried cow, deer, moose, ostrich, caribou, etc., I have found elk bone to be my favorite for its density, creamy tones, and for the lovely way it carves and finishes. It is also the first type of bone I worked with when Jim Croft taught me to make my first bonefolder (which I still use).